Pentagon Tapes

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Tapes, though might seem to be a simple product, but the reality is opposite. With wide range available, which tapes is right, What strength is appropriate, what should be the minimum strength for an individual use, what is the best way to use, and so on. We help you educate and get the maximum out of the tapes


So there is an ongoing project at your home or in the office, and you don't wish to use nuts and bolts. You are looking for a quick and cost effective alternate. Be it mounting something, or securing a object on a surface, with the flexibility to remove it in the future without leaving any trace or damage. In one line, you are looking for a tape. Read More
How much pressure should be applied? The aim of applying pressure is to achieve 100% wet–out of the adhesive. To achieve good wet-out and ultimately a good bond, it is essential to ensure that this is firm and even. As a rule, a minimum of 15 PSI (100 Kpa) should be used for rigid materials. More flexible components may need less pressure. Read More