Pentagon Tapes

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Pentagon is the result of the single-minded passion and the strong desire to convert the passion into a reality. Our play field is pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, and our goal is making a permanent place in our customer’s heart. With our commitment to excellence, we leave no stone unturned to strive for our stated goal.



Pentagon Tapes, in one line is a ‘Pressure sensitive adhesive tape expert’. For nearly 2 decades, it has been operating in this domain, and continues to offer, all kind of innovative ‘tape solutions’ to multiple segments of the industry and also to retail segment.

In collaboration with BOW Tapes, Pentagon brings the best-in-class and best-in-the-world quality in pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, which have stood the test of time. Pentagon is a leading manufacturer & suppliers of Ultra High Pressure Tapes (UHPT), pressure-sensitive foam and film tapes. It is a single source for all sealing needs like mounting, splicing, powder coating, bonding, and gasketing.

Pentagon Tapes is an ISO 9001:2000 company, thus assuring quality and efficiency. From Aerospace to Windows, or nearly any conceivable application, it offers specialised high-quality products backed by an industry leading commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pentagon Tapes, with its long experience in this industry, has not only established a wide customer base across India, but in partnership with them, continues to maintain its leadership through bringing in to the market, newer technologically advanced tapes, and thus offer superior and best-in-class products to customers.

Our vision is simple and three-fold: the best and most appropriate product, unmatched service and flexibility, and total commitment to our clients.
Business Values
Three core business values drives us: professional objectivity and integrity, putting clients first, and trust and respect for the people we work with or associate with



BOW Tape LLC, established in 1986, is a globally renowned name in industrial double-sided adhesive tapes. Headquartered in South Korea, it has 7 manufacturing facilities with 4 South Korea (with 10 lines), and one each in USA, China and Vietnam.

BOW specialises in Double Side Tape, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Tapes, Acrylic and PE foam, Tissue, Film carrier Double Sided Tape, POP Label, Permanent adhesion tapes, transfer tapes, removable tapes, and Low outgassing, solvent and solvent free tapes. With its vast range of products, it works with most of the well-known global companies.



Pentagon was established in 2003. Three founding Directors were - Vimla Rajgaria, Rahul Rajgaria & Sarika Rajgaria. Pentagon is the incarnation of MSR International, a trading company, set up in 1999. At that time, concept of tapes was in its infancy, and Indian market was dominated by few companies offering limited range of tapes, with below average quality and service

In 2003, Rahul and Sarika saw an opportunity to bring new age, high quality and high performance tapes into the Indian market, for which they collaborated with American coating companies. Inspired with this thought, Pentagon was established to cater to this budding demand for high quality adhesive coated products, and help create this industry.

From the inception, vision of the company was, in addition to bring high quality product, to also provide better service, flexibility to cater varying demand and timely delivery. Moreover, this vision would be same for the largest client, as well as the smallest client. To realise this vision, Pentagon decided to have its own modern manufacturing facility, which would offer tapes in virtually any size, shape and configuration, with even low minimum order sizes, and supplied in incredibly short lead time. Simultaneously, company kept investing in the best equipment, for better efficiency and productivity, and capable of supplying the largest customers as well as the smallest.



Pentagon grew rapidly, and within no time became a credible name in the tape industry, and the largest player in India of double sided foam tapes. With growth came added responsibility on us, and a need was felt to have own technical prowess, ability to quickly resolve any client’s issue, and offer wide range of products. At once, it was decided to have our own tape testing laboratory. This not only created a benchmark in the industry, but also differentiated us vis-à-vis the competitors.

Important milestones in the history of the company are:

  • Pentagon founded and established its first office in Mumbai.
  • Within 2 years setup its first unit with slitting equipment
  • The company moved to larger factory at Vasai
  • Second slitter, and the first die-cutter was installed
  • We set up our adhesive testing laboratory.
  • With a unique unwind / laminating / slitting station.
  • Installed a second, larger, spooling machine developed specially for our needs
  • ISO 9001 registration for the first time
  • First rewinding machine was installed to enable the purchase of larger bulk rolls, and in combination with our technical resources, put our own release film on the tapes. This is still a unique Pentagon feature
  • Pentagon moved to the current much larger factory at Vasait and installed fourth slitting machine, a new rewinder / slitter, a sheeter and a wide width rotary machine.
  • Further expanded the adhesive laboratory.
  • Product range further expanded, to cater to the futuristic demand
  • Installed additional converting equipment to support this futuristic demand

Pentagon Today

    Leadership team has been further strengthened.
  • Mohit Rajgaria (Chartered Accountant), inducted as a Finance Director in 2010
  • Swechcha Rajgaria (Chartered Accountant) inducted as an Additional Director in 2015

The strengthening of the leadership team has led to the excellence in production & back office operation through quality and efficiency



  • An ISO 9001 quality system
  • Own technical department and laboratory
  • Excellent IT systems
  • High quality team and equipment
  • The capability to manufacture virtually any tape format
  • Continuous investment in upskilling our people and upgrading our equipment



For us quality means, when our clients are fully satisfied with our products and their performance. Limiting the scope of quality to bland information, reams and reams of data in isolation, serves nobody’s purpose. Data is important, but separated from client’s need and his satisfaction amounts to nothing. Addressing any questions from our client, or accepting their feedback, is part of our quality DNA.

Our definition of the quality is – right product, right service and right advice. As part of our quality process, first question we ask ourselves – what exactly our client wants from our product? What is the right product? Once it is understood then the whole set of processes and systems are activated. Finally, quality is not a one-day event for us. It’s our way of life or ration-de-existence. We aim to deliver it consistently, over a long time.

Pentagon is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company

We achieved this certification first time in 2007, and have consistently and successfully retained it. Our two fundamental pillars are - customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Our own quality department can meet all you clients demands and expectations. We can provide FMEA's, PPAP's, control plans statistical analyses and any other data / analysis needed. We have an abiding desire to never to let you down.



Pentagon provides detailed support – backed with an expert view, speedy and technical and any associated support to all its clients. That too at no cost to them. Our understanding of the adhesive systems, based on our long experience, and wide installations across multiple industry is unparalleled and unrivalled.

Our support spans across both before sales (Pre-Sales) and after the sale has been realised (Post-Sales)

Based on our understanding of your business imperatives, technical requirement and the financial considerations, coupled with our deep understanding, we help you chose the right type of UHPT, which fulfils your requirement seamlessly. Based on our special and realistic application testing, we guide you to understand the suitability of our products in your application. And this is even before we have signed a deal!

Once you have become our esteem client, we continue to stay engaged with you, and keep providing you all the technical and any support needed, without fail. That’s what separates us from others.

    The basis of our both wholistic pre-sales and post-sales support is our strong infrastructure. We have specifically set-up an exclusive technical support team, that will:
  • Provide expert and accurate information.
  • Provide on-site help on technical assessment
  • Provide on-site help in installation
  • Resolve all complaints (if any) quickly

Finally, if there is a need for product replacement, we also do it without asking any questions.




Our manufacturing systems and processes are geared to deliver high quality tapes, and that too with consistent quality. Our state-of-the-art plant can manufacture wide range of UHPT, day-after-day, week-after-week, without cutting any quality-corners. Our plant working round-the-year ensures timely delivery of any product, without fail. It doesn’t matter to us, whether a client has ordered large quantity or a small quantity. All our clients are equally important to us.

Long Length Bobbins
Long Length Bobbins are automatic choices for continuous processing and other high volume uses.allows to add our own film liners, or to combine products to make new constructions

Rewind slitting
Rewind slitting produces very accurate long length or wide width rolls. It allows us to wind short length rolls. It also allows to add our own film liners, or to combine products to make new constructions

Rotary Die-cutting
Rotary die-cutting produces accurately shaped bonding components. Vast range of options, and components can even be machine applied.

Log slitting
Log slitting accurately produces narrow width rolls in any dimension, even in small quantities


Our laboratory is benchmarked to the global industry standards and is fully equipped to test all technical aspects of a tape.

For instance, It is temperature controlled to industry standards and is capable to test bond strength and holding power and tack. It can also measure the tape performance at both high and low temperature, and resistance to weathering, ageing and UV light. Our lab can also conduct client specific tests, as demanded by them, to satisfy their quality expectations.

    Key functions conducted in the laboratory are:
  • Select the ‘most optimum’ product for an individual client’s need. It need not be best performing tape or most expensive. It should be effective, both technically and financially.
  • Continuously testing competition products and benchmarking our products against them. This ensures that, we are not only marketing the best quality products, but also positioning each product to a specific need of the client.
  • Develop new products and improve existing products, to stay ahead of the industry and also anticipate their future requirement

Key Laboratory Equipment

Accelerated weathering machine
This machine tests the long-term durability of our products for outdoor applications, often on the client’s material. It also measures surface energy.

Measuring surface energy
Measuring surface energy is very important to determine the most appropriate product for an individual application.

Electronic tensile tester
An electronic tensile tester is used to measure bond strength to various materials, and release liner values. Primarily this testing is done on client’s own materials.

Long-term shear tests
This test is the best predictor of the long-term performance. All pressure-sensitive adhesives under stress will slowly flow away with time, particularly at elevated temperatures. Unlike other companies, we do test shear long-term, sometimes for many months, and at different temperatures. Hence, we can confidently commit to most reliable long-term performance of our products.