Pentagon Tapes

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In today’s business environment, which is guided by both efficiency and effectiveness, UHPT not only offers a smart alternate to traditional bonding solutions, but which is also a cost effective one. And its uses are limited only by our imagination

Pentagon® UHPT

Pentagon® Ultra High Performance Tapes (UHPT) find application across multiple industries and wide-spectrum of uses across each industry.

Pentagon UHPT are available in various sizes, keeping in mind specific requirements. For example, for low volume trim applications, slit rolls in the desired width with lengths ranging of 33 or 66 meters are available. For high volume (automated) trim applications, we offer spool rolls with up to 1500 meters length. Besides available roll dimensions, we also offer a wide variety of custom designed die-cuts.

Automotive (Cars)

Pentagon® UHPT for automotive sector is being used for a long time and has given excellent results and benefits to end users. It’s strong adhesion properties, works exceedingly well with car paints and clearcoats as well as many more other kind of polymers, used for exterior bonding.

Pentagon offers widest range of UHPT to satisfy the varied requirement of the modern automotive industry, for multitude of uses for mounting and bonding of various types of plastics and painted metals. Prior to the use of tapes in general and Pentagon UHPT in particular, traditional bonding systems like, rivets, screws, clips or welding (mechanical fasteners) were being used. The type of plastic used in the manufacturing of the parts, in combination with the clear coat finish of the vehicle, requires a very specific type of adhesive system, which is a function of the materials, the thickness, the length of the bond, the design and lastly, the stress levels endured by the parts.

We also offer a line of high quality heat activated UHPT, used for the bonding of soft EPDM weather seals surrounding the vehicle. Heat activated tapes consist of a pressure sensitive UHPT on one side and a specially formulated heat activated hot melt system on the other. The hot melt side is laminated to the freshly extruded rubber seal and provides a structural bond to a material that is extremely difficult to bond.

    Various application areas with-in car segment are:
  • Chrome Trims
  • Mirror Bonding
  • Weather Seals
  • PDC Holders
  • Roof Ditch / Body Side Mouldings
  • A/B Styles / Spoilers
  • Lighting Units
  • Wheel Trims / Roof Trims / Door Trims
  • Emblems
  • Number Plates / Emblems / Shark Fin Antennas


Pentagon® UHPT are also being used extensively across wide segments of broader transportation industry, such as trucks, trailers, buses, coaches, trains, mobile homes, campers, caravan, boats and others

  • Truck & Trailer
    • Exterior Panels
    • Wheeltrims
    • Body Side Mouldings
    • PDC Holder
    • Roof Bonding
    • Weather Seal
    • Emblems
    • Lighting Units
  • Bus & Coach
    • Walls
    • Door Seal
    • Emblem
    • Led Lights
    • Chrome Body
    • Wheel Trims
    • PDC


We have many products to cater to various needs to the aviation industry, ranging from fastening and masking applications. We provide total support for the aviation industry, with the sector’s focused engineers, production and quality management.

Building & Construction

In the construction industry, UHPT have multitude of uses. They are used for structural glazing and cladding applications, offering significant advantages over traditional bonding methods.

Structural Glazing & Façade Building
Before the advent of adhesive systems, mechanical solutions were primarily used for structural glazing. The 90’s decade saw the shift towards the adhesive systems, and people saw immediate advantages of using them. In the traditional mechanical bonding methods, a fixture had to go through the glass, which meant making holes in the glass. The challenges were the risk of glass breaking or the structural credibility of the glass façade being compromised. Additionally, the rubber seals used around the fixtures, would eventually dry and start chipping away.

Two adhesive systems were the alternates - silicones and acrylic foam tapes. While both had many advantages over traditional mechanical fixtures, they differ from one another in many ways.

While both adhesive systems offered the flexibility and bonding strength to handle high wind load or any earthquake eventuality, acrylic foam tapes had many more advantages over silicones.

Our UHPT not only provided good aesthetics due to narrow and straight bond line, but also delivered significant cost reductions. Our clients saw increase in productivity, due to less time taken, no drying time, less debris, no necessary spacers, thus improving overall productivity.

Products: SGG, SGW, SGB

Partitioning & Doors

Our UHPT are also being used extensively in creating partitions. In modern project development, office buildings are usually completed without a final floor plan. Except for units like kitchens and restrooms, there is hardly any interior construction. This is to enable the final buyer / user, maximum flexibility for the final design of the office floor.

Offices, conference rooms and other designated areas are separated using partitioning walls, typically consisting of a glass panel bonded to a (painted) aluminium or steel frame. The UHPT application is very similar to the structural glazing applications – bonding two different materials, but since it is for interior use, the risks and stresses on the bonds are significantly less, but makes the task of creating partitions easier and faster.

Usually, high profile commercial buildings have structural glazing applications. Due to the obvious risks involved, Pentagon offers a warranty. Clients can contact our Head Office for the same. The warranty is both for structural glazing as well as façades.

Home Appliances

Pentagon Industrial UHPT are being increasingly and frequently used in white good appliances like kitchen tops, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffeemakers and many more.

  • Refrigerator
    • Fronts
    • Seals
    • Surface Protection
    • Corner Guards
    • Labels
  • Oven
    • Instrument panels
    • Glass bonding
    • Plating
  • Washing Machine
    • Instrument panels
    • Emblem
    • Seals
    • Interior facing
  • TV
    • LCD/LED–TV

Renewable Energy

Pentagon UHPT are highly suitable for construction and placement of solar panels. There are multiple applications with-in the panel as well as mounting the panels to frames, walls or on rooftops.

Pentagon UHPT have multiple uses in solar panels. Since they have same thickness as that of cells, they protect the cells well, provides resistance to moisture and thus make a solar panel 100% waterproof. To improve aesthetics, the glass used in the solar panel is bonded using our transparent UHPT. The panels are then bonded to an aluminium frame using our general purpose UHPT. Electrical components like junction boxes are bonded to the back of the panel, using a die-cut of Pentagon UHPT. Finally, to prevent corrosion, the glass/aluminium panel is bonded to steel frames, either in a field, or to a wall or on a rooftop, again using our general UHPT.

Thus, our tapes are being used inside solar-cells, moulding of edges, and mounting of junction-box on the back of the panel and finally, mounting the complete solar panel.


Mega road signages or large commercial signages, Pentagon UHPT does it all exceedingly well. Its stability and durability makes them a perfect aid for both the construction of the signage or putting them up for display

Road signs, in most cases, are made of an aluminium sheet or sandwich panel bonded to a steel frame. Till recently, rivets were being used to attach the panels to the frames, and due to two different metals being used, and the rivets being pressed through the materials, bi-metal corrosion was very common. The use of our UHPT has eliminated this problem and made the entire process very fast and easy. Not to mention the enhanced aesthetic and overall look.

Commercial signage, on the other hand, must not only have more “aesthetic value”, but should be sturdy as well. Since these signages use substrates like polycarbonate, PMMA or polyester, clients prefer to use Pentagon’s transparent UHPT. They have proved to be an excellent solution. These “optically clear” high performance tapes utilise a relatively soft core and therefore are extremely conformable to ensure a good adhesion.

  • Road Traffic Signs
  • Large panel signs.
  • Bonding clear polycarbonate for illuminated signs.
  • Fixing individual letter signs.
  • Fixing housings and light units in emergency signs.
  • Fixing box signs panels to frames.
  • Bonding A frame signs.
  • Fixing LED strip lights.
  • Bonding plate signs.
  • Frame bonding for digital signs.
  • Dot matrix signs.
  • Point of sale bonding
  • Name plate bonding


In electronics sector, Pentagon UHPT finds wide range of uses across computers, laptops, mobile phones and many others

  • Laptop / Tablets
    • Laptop screen
    • Interior
  • Smartphone
    • Screen bonding
    • Interior parts

Art & Crafts

Whether you are a professional graphic designer, scrap book maker, or a 10-year-old with an imagination, double sided tape will revolutionise the way you do your projects. Not only can it be used for bonding different items together like wood to cardboard, but one can also think of crafty ways of using it – like rolling it through glitter or creating pop-up, 3D effects.

For example, Poster tape – it is a double-sided, removable form of adhesive that's designed to hold lightweight objects, such as balloons, banners, posters on surfaces like wood, tile, glass, vinyl wallpaper and primed and painted walls. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly - no nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. Similarly there are tapes that you can tear, stick, reposition, write on... the low tack adhesive makes them extremely easy to use (and reuse). There are also decorative tape in a variety of colours and patterns to add personality to any art & craft project.


Slipping or tripping is some risky business and it can be easily avoided by using double-sided tape. There are ‘anti-skid’ tapes for such use. They provide excellent levels of grip and friction. Textured surface and durable adhesive combine to provide both safety and long lasting performance. Applications can be varied including stairs, locker rooms, pool side, exercise equipment and so on.

Similarly, there are ‘Glow in Dark’ Tapes. These tapes provide a non-electric safety marking system that can be affixed to walls, handrails, columns, around door frames, and along stairways. It can be used to lead people to destinations through poorly lit areas. The photo luminescent pigments in the tape absorb and store energy from normal light and becomes visible in darkness for several hours.

Fashion & Beauty

Did you ever imagine that double-sided tape can help in the beauty area? Well, think again. Some women, especially models, like to or have to, use wigs. Double sided tape helps the wig stay in place all through the day – keeping a natural appearance. Or in emergency, use double-sided tape to correct wardrobe malfunction. Even during fashion shows, tapes find many uses

Double-sided tape is a fashionista’s dream. It helps keep clothing in place like pesky colours that don’t lie flat, or belt straps don’t sit perfectly together. Additionally, the tape can be used to keep the fabric attached to the skin; creating a tailored and well-presented look. Make sure you keep a roll of double-sided tape in your bag in case of a fashion emergency!

House Hold

Parties at home – be it a birthday party, festival celebrations, kids’ parties, double-sided tapes can make it easy for any home to organise such parties at a short notice. Or for that matter, using them to plug leaking tapes, mounting name plates, laying a carpet in the house, or a mirror in the bathroom, tapes have umpteen applications.

The double-sided tapes can also be used for fixing carpets or rugs. Just fix them to the bottom edges of any carpets or rugs and then press firmly against the floor. This will prevent from tripping over any of those pesky corners that like to curl over. Double-sided tape can also be used on stairs. Similarly, to applying double sided tape to your carpets and rugs, you can place it on the treads of your stairs to avoid slipping. All you have to do is apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the stair treads (cut to size) and then place it on the stairs!


More efficient way for achieving bonding solutions for crafting furniture than using liquid glue, both for individual carpenters that require personalised detailing to mechanised production of furniture that require speed and standardisation of application process.

Speed - upto 10 times faster: Compared to liquid glues, adhesive tapes do not require any curing time or final cleaning. End to end bonding of laminate/veneer to ply can be achieved in less than 15 minutes by a single craftsman versus an overnight curing period required while using any liquid glue resulting in significant saving on project execution time and labour costs.

No nailing, No drilling, No Screwing: Using laminate bonding tapes also eliminates requirement to use nails for temporary bonding for fixing laminate/veneer when its done using liquid glue.

Universal application across surfaces: Equally effective for bonding different surfaces including laminate to laminate, laminate to metal, laminate to glass etc.

No VOC: There is also no outgasing of chemicals in using laminate bonding tape as against using liquid glue which results in a healthier working environment.